81% of marketers expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience with their competition in two years. (Gartner)

Nearly half of all companies say improving customer experience and customer satisfaction were the leading influences to start a digital transformation. (PwC)

Two-thirds of a company’s competitive edge comes from its customer experience. (Deloitte)

What do these quotes tell us? Customer experience is the new battlefield. But why is customer experience a big factor?

Two reasons: customer acquisition and customer loyalty. Simply put, a good CX (customer experience) will not only attract new customers from your competition…

Are we experiencing a “digital transformation fatigue?”

Look around. Almost every other business channel — blogs, white papers, podcasts, videos, keynotes, or panel discussions — keep feeding us the undeniable truth. You cannot remain competitive and relevant as a business, if you don’t embrace digital transformation, proactively!

Post COVID-19 pandemic, the “proactive” part has (digitally 😉) transformed into “right now!” You must prioritize and start moving right now!?

This urgency, what can be termed as an accelerated hyper-drive mode has amplified the already existing challenges of Digital Transformation — be it Time-to-market, business agility, talent retention, risk of EOL, cost and so on. The velocity also brings…

Ionate, Inc. | Digital Transformation At Scale

We enable companies to modernize their technology and data using machine learning, setting them up for a digital transformation that’s fast, cheap, and secure.

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